Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ethinabhuja - Count on your body

Summer made me think twice before organizing another travel. The same was’nt true with Suhas, he was right on his toes to make things happen. This time he does it again with a strenuous yet fantabulous trek to ethinabuja. WOW!! What a weekend plan. Right from the journey blore to kokkada, kokkada to shishila, homestay, guide, jeep rides, trail to the top, hill-top camping, descend to base, relaxing in the stream, huge-serving meals, mangoes, shishila fish temple, DHARMASTALA darshan & finally the never-realised return journey back to blore….. everything was on the right tick.

 The bus stopped for us in kokkada at 3:30AM. Few of us unzipped our sleeping bags & shiv managed to arrange a jeep to reach Gopu Gokale’s house by 5. Having ample time to start the day, all of us threw ourselves on the sleeping mats. The homestay owner came in calling for Suhas so melodiously that if he was awake to hear that, he would have melted for it along with the hot tea she brought along. A light BF, loaded our heavy bags onto the jeep. A nice thing I noticed during the jeep ride, the driver din’t miss a single house on the way to greet & they waved back in response. I felt the civilization if still persist, is only in western ghats J.  

The ascent started at around 9:45AM, very soon got into groups with different paces. Our grp managed to make out the right path amidst the forest as Rohit had trekked the same path couple of weeks before, as expected encountered a small snake which sent few tremors & forced us to wait for the guide to lead. The sun was right above us by the time the first batch greeted the peak. Rohit was already on the tip of the rock n by this time guide chennappa also knew how mad this guy is about nature. ADI could not wait…so tents started taking their place, we got suma calling for losing the track in the forest. Couple of phone calls din’t help ‘em find the right one & more over we din’t want ‘em to further get into trouble so the guide went down to bring them back. Last batch kept us waiting till 3:45, and I myself galloped 5 chapathis leaving some more space.

Dark clouds covered the sky, which meant no SUNSET L Very disappointing. Equally worrying were the rains that could make the night stay difficult. Few of us climbed up the rock. For all those of you wondering what me, Su & Sulakshana were doing atop for such long time, we guys were singing “RAIN RAIN GO AWAY” & it worked. :D …. JK. Well this was the best part listening to some w’ful songs atop & to get lost with the changing moods of nature every second. No Soul can escape from the magic the Nature does on you to dissolve in it & U surrender telling I’m nothing in front of Mother Nature!!!!

Maggi deserves all the credit, I was so YUUuuMMy!!!! Two rounds of serving got over like flash of a light & chapathi s came next with mango thokku, peanut butter & chatni pudddi as toppings ;) ADI got the best shot with all these topping together forcing him to open a jam bottle. Water was’nt a problem having a small stream running close by. But yes  it was a kingdom of leeches!!!

Descend was like cool!! Easy one. J Guide showed us the path to a small falls. Nice one to play after a strenuous climb. Got down by 11:30 to reach the homestay & stuffed our empty stomach with butter milk. A stream ran behind the place where we stayed & was strangely lil dirty. But it din’t stop the guys to take a  dip & flaunt their swimming skills. Back home we waited in queue for hot water bath. When it comes to delicious food, coastal cuisines are my fav. We batted several rounds with sambhar, rasam & Buttermilk. The homestay lady sang a bhakthi geethe for us on our request, followed by another nightingale of our grp Bhawana sung one of my fav songs “Yedhe thumbi hadidenu andu naanu….” Naturally surrender to a nap till evening. UNO…. Our trip is never complete without this. My sleep was disturbed by these champs throwing  +4 +2 cards targeting the poor lad sitting next.

Around 5:30, we took pics with the family & bid bye to them. Visited Shishila temple famous for its fish lake. Jeep started towards dharmastala, with punches from harsha, Rohit & Suhas targeting eachother. The discussions are interesting when it comes to Rohit. This man can think of only Cycling, Lakshadweep, HMI, …. Only & only adventure. Hats Off siraa… Harsha brings all the smiles in every situation. Adi is ready for any help, managed to sit at the back to accommodate me comfortably. Reaching Dharmastala we parked our luggage in a shop at the bus stand. With Su’s relative we drifted for direct entry to the temple(well Rohit I completely agree with your view point as to it is wrong to use influence atleast when it comes to god, but …. U know it’s ok ;) I said sorry to god ;) I have no other justification to give. It’s wrong I know) & stood for the prasada Q which just does’nt stop moving how much ever long.

Don’t ask me about the night journey. I only know that I took a seat & my eyes opened only in Majestic next day morning around 5:30AM.

Well a trek to be more joyfully, lively & happening… “Manoj” was missing. I missed the count how many times the grp took ur name. Clearly WE MISSED YOU MAGA!!!!   Language !!!!

Suhas – My regards for you have gone much higher.
Shiv - J You are a sweet heart. Never complained for carrying the tent all the way while climbing.
Harsha – Get the credits for keeping the spirits light & cooool J J
Bhawana – Guys how many GBs did your camera captured???
Supriya – You got along this time… Did anyone question the scratches on ur hand ;)
Suma – Ri Sumne iriri.. baarre jagala madtheera.
Sulakshana – Don dare writing an application … Murder!!!
Adi – Tents could not look better than these… And every time while having a delicious lunch, I’ll definitely miss you!!!! 
Rohit – Man you are Amazing!!!! Unstoppable!! 

Guys Sorry for missing this....

En madam….
Good write up as usual….

But lemme remind u of one thing that u have skipped to add in ur write up…

The circus that Rohit and Harsha had made along with our guide Chennappa.. to get a match stick to light up the campfire…

They stretched themselves for another 4 more Kms…. Down.. in the dark.. with a battery… and all awesome sounds of Rohit.. that had made the guide and Harsha get still more scared.. along with the wild sounds in the deep, dark forest…J

Mr. Harsha had reminded u of this thing explicitly…

Suma - Thanks for this!!!! 
More on this ....

Shiv had a match box .... ;)

Hey Harsha gifts us complete story around the " MATCHBOX "

I would like to patch it up with the story missing. Around 6.30 we came to know that there is no match box to put camp-fire. We asked few people who were lost in the scenic beauty in peaks by calling that do they have match box, luckily answer was "NO". So Rohith and I decided to get match box by a near by house (2 k.m.) away on the other side of the peak.

While going back guide was so fast that we had to litrrally run behind him to catch up the pace and it was still dawn and not pitch black. On the way we discussed about wild animals like Elephants, Bear, Leopards, Tigers and Lions and also about snakes.

By the time we reached the house from where we had to collect match box it was dark and Rohit had to attend an important call (Nature call actually). So I gave him a little support (By holding torch! Suhas please stop thinking in a very broader sense :-D).

After collecting match box we started back, by that time Rohti and I were sweating due to pace we kept with Chenappa. While coming back it was an ascent and to still Chanappa was in the same pace as he was while getting down. Here starts the best part. Rohit noticed that the darkness had surrounded and his METER WAS OFF by that time, for every hustle he used to get panic and if I say anything to calm him down reply would be "MAGANE NINGEN GOTTU... NAMGE ELLA EXPERIENCE AGIDE..." :-D. And he wanted to rest in the middle as he was exhausted, at that time instead of saying "CAN WE STOP" he used to make discreete sounds like a bear or wild boar or even exhale inhale like a huge snake "hisssssssss, pissssssssss....". Once actually Chanappa got panic for his sounds... Chanappa was leading, me in the middle and Rohit in the end, Rohit once made a very odd sound and even Chanappa got scared :-) and Rohti used to ask "RI NEEVU KATTI READY ITKONDIDEERA TAANE...".

And the deadliest comedy was Rhoith was having a torch which was having a greater focus and the torch I had was having less, So I said "Kal nan magane illen bidteeay alli doorak bidu..." for that the response was not from Rohit but from Chenappa "AA.. YENU????!!!!". Chenappa taught that I was saying it to him as he too had a small torch. Then I said explicitly to Rohit for which Rohit was bursting out of laughter and while on the way back again some leech got on for free ride. But got kicked off...

Happy to know that you guys enjoyed another short trek in the dark for a tinu lil box
Thanks for the story Harsha.