Friday, April 13, 2012


It was a quick decision to go to kanyakumari and also a long awaited one. A week long frustration demanded a immediate break. And what better plan can be than watching sunset n rise in kanyakumari with my beloved. What could be better than going away from everything and enjoy the aloofness.

Booked bus to n fro from bangalore to kanyakumari. This is one best part of being in blore that u get transport easily to any corner of the country.

Friday night I started from my ofc to catch bharthi travels multi axile bus to nagercoil. I can always count on suma for she will never say no even if I inform at the nth moment. Many a times she blindly says yes without even knowing where we going. The journey was quiet ok. Saturday morning, at 7:30 we were nagercoil buz station waiting for bus to kanyakumari. Unlike my last visit, this time it was easy to locate a bus. Locals helped me find one time saving service (TSS) bus which charges Rs14 n reaches the tip of indian mainland with in half an hour. Bus fares in TN is unimaginably cheap. We got down at Vivekananda puram (kendra), 2km before the destination. With Raja's help we managed to get a AC room at Rs880/- per day. After fresh up, we took a bus to visit Suchindrum temple which is around 15kms towards nagercoil. 

The temple is amazingly beautiful with a huge door which was closed for us during our previous visit. Like any other temple in TN, this temple too is very huge a structure where you easily get lost roaming in. The idols are beautifully decorated, a glance of which comes in front of your eyes whenever you think of this place. After this visit, we were at kanyakumari temple which was closed from 12:30 to 4pm. 

We planned to come back here once back from rock. As it was a Saturday, we hoped for a smaller queue for the jetty, we were lucky enough to get into one without any queue at all. We were on rock at peak noon. I could not resist for long from going to the meditation hall,  I spent an hour sitting inside this hall... Meditating or could be just sleeping after that heavy lunch I had. Once in a while when I opened my eyes I could the hall crowded with school kids at every nook an corner and few other moments when it was absolutely me. I felt so good sitting here. Finally the watchman showed me the way out, guess he was worried that I would sit there forever :P 

The moment I came out, I realized the sun had gone and thick clouds covered the sky. With in no time it started raining rats and cats. people moved to take shelter under the temple roof. It was a downpour, which dint want to stop. We managed to reach the jetty queue when it gave a slight break. My only worries was the camera and phone. Else I would have enjoyed dancing in the rain. I had never heard thunders so hard and close to us. It was just few meters from where we stood that we could see the lightning. It was exciting and equally scary. The jetty took us back to the main land. And the roads almost flooded washing away all the dirt on the roads. We took a rickshaw back to room. After a short nap, we walked towards sunset point. Luckily sky was clear blue after the downpour letting us enjoy a wonderful scene of sun vanishing into the horizon. We visited the KanyaKumari temple. 

Raja missed a nice sunset, he joined us for dinner followed by long hours of chit chat outside our room till late. Reminding me of Mumbai. I havent been to any beaches on the eastern part of india so this is the only beach where I have seen sun as if rising from water. We walked to the beach early morning at 6:00 near kendra to catch a sight of it. Lot of people had already gathered. We sat on those rocks waiting to welcome another day in kanyakumari. Sun rose soft n so did the waves. Its beautiful to capture these moments without missing any second. Treat to your eyes to see sun mild n rising up every second. We played for while with the waves before the gates to the beach closed. We took our sweet time to reach back to our room enjoying the serene beauty inside the kendra. Peacocks roamed freely and those plenty of squirrels running around. My camera enjoyed capturing those freshly blossomed flowers in the garden. 

It was obvious that rock will be crowded on sundays. We dint hope for a second visit but wanted to give try. The queue discouraged us. After another visit to kanyakumari temple we planned to compensate the lack of sleep  in our rooms. By lunch time we forced ourselves to wake up and after having lunch we check ed out of our rooms to leave to Mandekaad beach. We took a car to reach Nagercoil and had booked a cab to reach Mandekaad from here. It takes one and half hour to reach this place from kanyakumari. 

Mandekaad beach is one among the most favorite places for Suma. We spent a nice evening watching those deadly waves hitting the shores.  Waves here are a proof to describe the worst tsunami it had experienced in 2005. The temple near by is pretty famous and usually crowded with locals. B'ful flowers sold outside the temple naturally attracted me. Every time I come here, I refuse to leave... But I had to. I get lost watching that beach, locals and this temple. I some how managed to come out of the hangover quickly unwillingly. There is some thing very special about this place. It is not just the beauty of this place but something more close which I have'nt yet figured out, pulls me here. My mind is often flooded with few scenes of this place every now and then. 'Ma mind is still Wondering and wandering there...

Our return journey was from Nagercoil. We had a yummy dinner at Udupi Hotel right in front of the Nagercoil bus stand. The bus had just arrived. Saying Bye to Raja is always tough. But the thought that we would soon meet gave me lil relief. It was a good night sleep till the bus reached Hosur Road. From here my mind was searching for something it really loves. Crazy mind !!!!! We both got down at Madiwala and took a bus to Indira nagar. I reached ofc by 9:30 to start it all again.... But Yes the break had made a difference.