Thursday, December 30, 2010

Recap of 2010

          Its time to close this year's account. A quick glance of my life in 2010 shows two major loss and very few small gain here and there. The year brought the toughest days to even survive far is withstanding. Mean while I have learnt the toughest lessons. Definitely to face rest of years with more strength n life!!!

          To follow the Good-Bad-Good(GBG) Rule, the nice part was to go back to student life making yet again lots of new frens and having loads of fun with 'em hanging out, travelling and sometimes studying. Back were those nice days where I slept in class during lectures, copying in tests, bunking college, late hour studies, hostel food, birthday celebs, projects....list is never ending :) And pop from no where, I am stuck with the toughest situation of my life, even before I could realise the seriousness of the situation I had lost the biggest asset of my life. Thanks to all those frens who gave me strength to move on.

         When in those tough times I was facing, there was this small support or a small light even in those darkest clouds peeking at me which made me feel that I have a reason to live. This care, support which I assumed to be real, awfully proved to be the second game played on me by god. Even before I could recover the first loss I had another in my lap.

         The Master above you knows when to feed you with what. The medicine to recover from all the pain n grief, my master had nice plans rather thrilling plans. He gave the best team to work where I have lots to learn everyday n keep me occupied. And I was back on track travelling during weekends like ever before.

        Thanks again to frens who are still bearing and supporting me. If I am smiling today its because of your support and love. Thanks to all of you who gave me your time, love, support, n strength. I can't forget to thank those who gave me tears n hatred as well. No hard feelings. I respect and truly value your decision.

       To start my 2011 on a positive note, lemme dust all the mud n pull up my socks to another exciting year. With a promise to self to be a better human being, with more love n care for all loved ones, to be better student of life, to travel more, read more, work smarter, to give more than ever and to HAPPY!!!!

      In the path of improving ourselves, lets make small efforts to improve this world as well by performing small act of kindness. Be it as small a help as to SMILE at others, a small PRAYER for others good, sincere ADVICE to your frens, spending QUALITY TIME with loved ones, HELP some one at work, express LOVE to your dear one, DISTRIBUTE CLOTHES to poor and needy or even to start streamlining your time n energy to start an NGO and work for a good cause.

      Let's make a DIFFERENCE
             Let's make few more SMILE  :)

Wishing you n your family a very HAPPY NEW YEAR,


Friday, December 3, 2010

Uthara Kannada

We planned a 3-day plan to the above place from 30th Oct to 1st Nov 2010. Friday evening 29th was the VRL sleeper bus from Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore at 8:15 PM. Five of us, Myself, sis Shilpa, bro Sumanth, friends Suma and Sulakshana started off. The journey to murudeshwara was tiring as we had got the last few seats inspite of being Upper, it threw us up helter n skelter hundred times not allowing us to catch sleep. Overnight journey ended up next day morning at 8:30 in front of Murudeshwar gate. Shetty uncle waited for our arrival, we freshened in his residence and left to temple a small distance from his place. Infact the tall shiva s staute is visible from his house right there without any diificulty.
Shiva s statue is the biggest attraction of this temple. Even more is the beautiful beach right behind him. We followed a very small queue to get the darshan and climbed the lift to reach on top of the gopura which reaches the 18th floor. We get the best view from the tiny windows in all four directions. One side is the temple entrance, right next is the Netrani Island view, behind is the view of shiva statue and the last view is the beach where you find people enjoying a motor ride and sports of other sorts. From there we headed close to the statue and entered a cave right under the huge statue, the cave depicts a story of raven. We enjoyed clicking few pics in the postures very similar to story happening behind us in the cave. We were informed that there is prasaada distributed from12:30 so we collected the coupon and had to spend close to 2hrs for the lunch (We had missed breakfasr so naturally very hungry). We strolled in the beach and took plenty of pics in crazy postures. Pretty early to lunch time  we were outside the dinning hall waiting for the bell hee hee.

We hired a Omni to visit our next places on the way to kumta. We first visited Edugunji temple of Ganapthi, close to 15mins drive from murudeshwar. Odd time we went to learn that we had to wait for another hour  for darshan. We continued for 20mins more to reach Apsara Konda falls(acc to sumanth its ambu theertha heeee). A very small approx 10mt falls with a temple and garden, beach view on top of it. Worth walking a while to reach this garden which welcomes you with a beautiful top view of the beach and adjacent paddy fields. Shilpa, Sumanth and Sulakshana conducted several rounds whistling from this place and finally got satisfied that their art was appreciated by nature by sending back echoes. We geared up to dhareshwar around 30mins drive. A temple with a pond and a school of welcoming fishes in it. Dhareshwar beach was a nice to throw yourself and enjoy. We did the same till the sun said bye for the day. We changed in a near by fishermen house and reached our IB near Gibs high school in kumta after having dinner in panduranga hotel.

Our day 2 plan was to Yana. My long time desire at last came true this day. We started at 9 from our room. Had breakfast in panduranga and packed few idlis for lunch assuming that there is no lunch available in yana. Took an hour to reach this place. The vehicle climbs almost to the top leaving a distance of just 2kms for you to trek. Initially small rocks welcomes you to its world. The moment you face the huge two rocks of mohini shikara and narashima shikara, u are spell bound. The bigger one being the Bhairaveshwara shikara has a calm temple and this rock takes you into itself to show you its beauty. All you hear is the creaching bats through the walls of the rock. And burst of light gushes inside the caves at several places leaving you in great difficulty to take pics inside the cave. Mohini Shikara is not allowed kinds with very less allowance to enter for about 50mts and you are out. Not to forget the drink we had atop offered by a petty shopkeeper. Also sold his patented recipe for Rs80 half a litre. It’s a local drink made of seed called punarpulli with few spices, salt to make it a great appetizer.
We were back near the vehicle by 12:30. Ample time so planned on spot to go to Unchalli Falls. A 35km ride from yana towards sirsi. It’s a WOW!!! Experience. Its beautiful sight to watch this falls. A walk for about half a km to reach a view point and few steps more to take a closer look of the falls. The falls seems unexplored for its still so neat and in full glory. The water gushes with so much force that the fog wraps the falls in its mist for few seconds leaving us in surprise as to where the falls gone.  
We quickly rode back to kumta and reached Baada Beach, another beach which was so clean. It rained lightly and by the time we reached the kanika parameeshwari temple it rained rats n cats for few mins. We had dinner in Varad international and catched bed in the same IB.

Last day was a pure Gokarna trip but got extended till Karwar. Our return journey was booked from gokarna and so we planned to first finish karwar and then come back to gokarna. From kumta left around 9am to Mirjan fort 7kms from kumta towards gokarna. A lovely fort with llots of beautiful places to shot. The driver gave me tough time by driving really really slow in those broad highway NH-17 huh. Reached karwar by 11 around. Climbed on top or Shadshivgad Fort to take the view of karwar and its numerous tiny islands. DevBhag beach is close to the highway and the very karwar closes soon after crossing kali bridge.  We left to gokrana after having lunch and reached the gokarna temple by 3pm. The temple was as expected closed so loofed around for an hour to realize that the beach adjacent to this temple is actually not OM beach. Rather this was a very dirty beach to even imagin with close to 30% foreign crowd. We quickly reached OM beach which is 9kms from here and its like awesome… The most beautiful place in these 3 daysss. A 30mins ride by speed boat takes you to paradise beach and on the way you get to watch dolphins acrobats around incase you lucky. Since we fell short of time unlike other days we said no to this ride. Also coz we wr told by the boatsmen that in the evening the dolphins trips towards ankola and hence the chances to catch sight of them is thin. We again drove back to gokarna temple for darshan at around 5:15pm. The darshan timings being 5 to 8:30pm in the evening.

Our return bus Shreekumar was taking a bath when we reached a hotel for dinner. Had light dinner and jumped to our seats and slept tight till next day morning around 7 in blore. Reached majestic at 8. And to office by 10:30 to find my manager back from Endhoven with  chocolates :D

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Date  : Nov 13 - 14th
Place : RottiKallu
Members : Bhavana, Devdas, Harsha, Jyothi, Manoj, Pavan, Radhika, Sahana, Sneha, Suhas, Sulakshana, Suma
experience : Out Of The World !!!

Finally the rottikallu plan was executed after postponing the dates three times starting from Aug 15 to Oct 2 to Oct 30 and finally to nov 13th. So definitely the most awaited day...
        The Day started off at 1:30am on Nov 13th. To my surprise the whole team of 12 agreed to kick off at that mid-night. We had five pick up points which collected all of us from different points and by 3:30 all 12 in the bus few dozing off and few introducing to each other and others started off with mumbai memories. None among us knew all the rest in the group so initially(while planning) I was lil concerned about the team building efforts that V thought v needed to put in... But the scene changed completely as soon as the team started playing UNO and Rammi in the bus.

        We planned to visit Manjrabad fort before checking into resort hence started off early and as planned we were in the fort by 10:45am. Around 200-250 steps as informed by the driver to reach the top and you are greeted with the best view of sakleshpur town. Sorrounded by hills and the sight of cattle grazing on the far off hills was a delight to watch... This fort brought the memories of Murud fort which we visited on jan15th in mumbai. By this time the team was in full swing to gear up with the activities that awaited us in rottikallu.

With lil difficulty in locating the resort we finally made it to the resort by 1pm with rats running in our stomach. We were escorted to our rooms. A big cottage for girls and a small one for boys. The rooms are very clean of course we made our best effort to make it dirty by the end of our stay. The lunch was ready and we had the best malnad cuisine with few non-vegetarians among us had a yummy fish fry.

We wasted no time and threw ourselves into the hard core fun starting with simple rope walk, swing, tarzan jump, lazy pool with snake around to thrill us. Few got scared of them and few others freaked 'em back. According to su and manoj this was their best experience in the whole trip. We enjoyed several rounds of throwing ourselves into water n making others fall too... The videos taken here are plenty displaying various reactions and wierd sounds being made trying to beat tarzan ....

"Kesaru gadde Volleyball" was my personal favorite. Few showed their real strength in serving the ball far off the fields and manoj made all efforts to fall into the kesaru and reminded/realised himself that it is really a kesaru gadde. Harsha too made an effort to carry this memory by hurting himself. We took break for tea and coffee. We played throwball on demand, as there were few throwball champions among us. We had to make many strategies to win/loose the game. We all appreciated each others competitive spirit and congratulated on winning n losing each point. Me, su, deva and manoj also enjoyed running a race in adjacent kesaru gadde...Few of us went back to fall into the stream to wash ourselves and had small fun there too.

Close to dusk all of us took a hot water bath. Last ones in the queue had to manage with warm and cold water. The water is extremely sweet and girls expressed their happiness for having a soft n shining hair after the bath. With the minimum light we managed to play shuttle/badminton for a short while and quickly parked ourselves around a small camp fire.

For a small time we sang songs while we waited for the snacks to arrive at our tables. By the time snacks were on tables we were terribly hungry and waited for dinner. Naturally the snacks on the tables vanished in no time and many tried their first wine n vodka shots. Dinner was wholesome and few still had the energy to ponder on the puzzles given by Mr Vijay, the founder of Rottikallu. We discussed about the day 2 plans and decided to get ready for a short trek at 7am. I Catched sleep immediately but was made to get up again to dance around the lantern in our rooms!! I thought the girls have gone crazy and wen back to sleep.

A tight sleep with a lil excercise the last evening had removed all the pain in my legs. All of us were fit n fine pulled our socks, had sip of tea and started the first trek by 7:30 to a close hill right behind our cottage. Lead by Vijay and blacky, we reached the top in a hurry to get better signals and made calls to our "Loooved ones!!!".... Way back Vijay gave me lot of inputs about himalayan trek which he had been in the past. The trek was easy n small during which suhas gave lessons about Macro mode on our digital camera which made people like su to take pics of almost everything whihc came in her way... But I a must say that few of the shoots are brilliant...  

Lil was the hunger, so was a small breakfast to give enough energy to trek a 8-10km long trek to Hallu Kola(if I not wrong). This time lead by Ravi alias Ravanna. This was THE TREK!!! And it was the first time I ever saw a leech. At the end the count of 15 leeches on my shoe all caught my sight and never let them suck my blood. Jo, Suma, Bhavana, Radhika had not one but many bites from those tiny creatures. Initially people danced when leeches crawled on their legs, very soon it became a casual task to remove n throw 'em away. We choose a longer route in order to trek amidst the thick forest and enjoyed it the most. Top view a awesome sight and many of us laid down under the open sky for a while to watch no buildings or poles around but only the endless sky... Of course the photo shoots never stopped but improved with time and places. Enroute we visited a small water fall which was a perfect body massage. Manoj all excited washed himself n his HTC in this falls. Suhas had a long n loud laugh when he held his body under the falls. Deva, Jo, Bhavana n lastly sneha enjoyed their turns to get massaged...

We reached the base camp by 1pm very hungry but the food was not ordered. Hence we decided to carry on hungrily till sakleshpur n find a hotel. Clock ticked 2pm when all were ready to move and by then we were told that a simple lunch was arranged for us in rottikallu itself for free of cost. Without second thought we pulled chairs around the dinning table.

Did our final settlement of money and we said ta ta to RottiKallu. The fun was'nt over yet. Our DJ Pavan had best collections which kept us occupied n it was UNO again. I could understand thy had the best timepass playing UNO and enjoyed it so much. Manoj was in a hurry to have Coffee and we stopped couple of times. ha ha ... :D We later stopped for actual coffee and Masal puri. UNO was on, even when having chats... Mean while Our Tom & Jerry were there to entertain everybody around. Tom being Pavan n Jerry is our Jo, only difference here being Jerry chasing Tom unlike in normal cases.

Back on wheels, we danced for few beats and then settled in our seats to hear about each ones best experience in the trip, we all gifted each one with a caption which is listed at the end and also we shared our first impressions and also our feelings about each one of us. This made us come closer and every comments and compliments were taken sportively by all. Suhas did get his share of credits which came along with the bumps, for organising this w'ful trip. As we approached blore we made all the money transfers...  

As everthing has to end. We thanked all for participating and hoped to meet soon in our next venture. I reached my place at 10:30 and the rest you know it all...

Our famous Captions :
Bhavana - Bottoms up!! (for the wine shot)
Devdas - I likes it!! (He repeated this plenty of times)
Harsha - Metric harsha (for describing his wound inch long and two inch wide)
Jyothi  - Jerry
Manoj - Kesaru Gadde Erehula, Mental Manja, android Manoj
Pavan - DJ
Radhika - Rose Ragini(Rose for celebrating childrens day and suhas liked her name as Ragini)
Sahana - Chatter box, No pause only play, RJ (needs no explanantion)
Sneha - UNO girl (She can step out of bus without her cell but not UNO cards)
Suhas - Anything for girls (needs no explanantion)
Sulakshana - Call me Su, not again (means no su su)
Suma - 420 (thx to my efforts) , malli

Waiting for all the pics. And looking forward for the next weekend!!! :)


Itz time to write about my beshhht fren. Tommy, one of the most beautiful creations of god sent straight away to be my closest buddy!!!

She happened to come to our house when she already a year old. Initially she was hesitant to get along with us but in no time she was an important member of our family. It might sound weird if I say she was very matured, poised and intelligent of any animals I had seen before, but she actually was... So intelligent that she read our moods by looking at us and accordingly behaved. She was pampered to the max by me and dad. And mum used to be the real boss for whom she was very scared of.

Few more years we had Babloo. Another small puppy from jamkandi. The most weak, stupid but a very innocent pet. And hence my mum's fav. Tommy and babloo quickly got along playing pranks on each other. It was the best paatime for me to watch them playing pranks and I too sometimes joined 'em ;) They rarely fought, when thy did all we did was to close our ears and stand mute till they stopped.
Tommy was everybody's fav as she took no time to befriend anybody, so all those who came home used to pamper her. My cousins's enjoyed sleeping on her tummy. Dogs usually do not like kids playing pranks with 'em but my tombo was an exception. Tombo, Tomboimashu, Tommanna, Kanda, mottu, dumpa were few of the names I gave her. Dumpa used to be common name to both her n my mum... Both used to respond to it ;)  I have this habit of calling the person I love with variey of names. So she won max number of pet names...

She was with us for more than 11 yrs and has left behind plenty of sweet memories which we all cherish even today... Few of 'em I'd love to dot down

This used to her best part of her routine - going for a long walk, not a single day she missed to wake my dad in the morning and to knock the door exactly at 6 in the evening.
Bread used to be her fav eatable. The moment the cover made sound or the fridge door opened tommy would be present with her eyes wide open.
Her eyes were the most beautiful... well it reminds me of a strange fact about me that I fall of beautiful eyes ;) They catch my attention immediately.

This proves her brains - During winter, without our notice she used to climb sofa and sleep the whole night but made sure she switches to her assigned place by the time any of us wakes up in the morning. Smart!! but my mum wd catch her by seeing her fur stuck to the sofa bed ... ha ha paapa
I should not miss this scene which I created when I was class 10th. Some afternoon, all of a sudden I woke up from my nap and started weeping so badly that both my mum n sis got scared and started worrying as to why I was crying so badly, I cd not stop my tears and after 15 mins or so I opened my mouth and said that Tommy had died in ma dream.... Huh mum ran and brought tommy to my bed and consoled me.
That nightmare finally happened in real on Oct 2nd, 2008, after a long 4 days of suffering. It was just few days before I was to leave to Mumbai to join SISL. I can't forget those last couple of mins she spent on my lap.

I miss her so much even today :(

Life in Philips ... So far


I m blogging after long, it clearing shows I took this long to settle down in blore. My new desitination. Nywys its time to write about my work. As a part of my MTech programme, I choose to work as intern in Philips Innovation Campus, Nagavara, Bangalore. A beautiful office but less beautiful people. Coz they hardly smile and people who are never smiling acc to me have a manufacturing defect. ;)

I m into Test automation team with none of my frens in the same floor. I know nobody here so aloofed. Not many days just 11 months more ;) work is great so far with C# coding. I have a team member from Robert Bosch here on a deputation for 6months who is right now saving me from many odds. Because I ve lots n lots to learn when it comes to coding/corporate n things. He is sweet n I can say he is bearing me nicely so far. He literally laughs at my code ;) Of course it deoes'nt deserve any thing better...

Philips has many things better than siemens(I still compare every office with this). One is package, definitely a fat pocket. Good working environment. When i say environment I mean timings are flexible, gmail-gtalk etc allowed, holidays to enjoy, managers are cool(atleast mine n ma frens) , frequent Tech-Talks happening(interesting), TeamOuting(to which interns are not invited, huh), Team-Lunch (I wen even without an invitati on, huh saana), TMDs(teams which work for something other than wat u normaly do) and many more things like this.

In future I may write more about people in philips if I find anybody worth it(If I find anybody ssmiling at me). ;)

Mumbai Meri Jaan

Not more than a day in mumbai and I had already fallen in love with this place. Its a treat to stay in bombay. I'm sure no one will reject this statment. There are lots of interest'n things about this commercial capital. Its people, roads, food, temples, mosques, discos, malls, local trains, cars, bollywood, business everything is so magical. The night mesmerises.

Its usually said about bombay that a person who can survive here, can survive anywhere under the sun. I agree completely and the biggest reason for me to say this is LOCAL TRAINS. People are pushed in and out of the train without he own effort. You can best experience this in Dadar station. I too am blessed with 2 such experience in a general compartment.

Within no time, I had explored quite a few places in and around mumbai. We were put up in Kharghar, New Mumbai or Navi Mumbai. Kharghar is not very developed as compared to other parts of mumbai, it has very few places to hang out like Little World, Mc D, Sai Pooja, Ambika Resturant, Utsav Chowk, Three Star etc. The apartment Yugandhara n Vasundara (which made lot of news for not being painted) was our second home as we spent most of the time in office. The View from my room facing the blore-pune highway from 16th floor of yugandhara was like WOW!!! esp the sunset and night traffic. I still remember me n ramya alwys spent time watching the traffic or counting the number of flights that were passing.

I alwys made sure that I never waste my weekends. So my very first holiday was in Elephanta Caves, Gateway(obvious, as its from where we start) and my fav "Nariman Point". Caves is about an hour of boat ride from Gateway of India. Its a vast land with close to 8 similar caves. Itz a nice place but lil tiring. A heart numbing experience in Nariman point sitting on the path facing the sea. Its is like Out of the World!!!!

Those were the days my friends . . .





All these words means so much to all 153 trainees who had got placed into SISL and were put on a 3 months induction programme in Kharghar from Oct 16, 2008 through Jan 16, 2009. These 153 people came from different states of South India.
This episode happened a couple of years back in ma life but i'm still floating in its w'ful memories so fresh in mind. On 13th Oct, I and my fren both travelled by train to mumbai along with our protective father's. She got down in kalyan, and we continued till dadar, one of the most crowded junctions in india. We halted in mulud that night, the next morning by 10a.m we left to kharghar. On reaching Vasundhara co-operative society, I occupied a room/flat in 16th floor of yugandara which is adjacent to vasundhara apartments. Just at the same time my roommate Ramya along with her parents and relatives had arrived. A girl who is so silent and sensitive, initially we both din't have any interaction. Later she turned out to be such a lovely company to me back in my room. Preethi too arrived and Anjana who was in the adjacent room shared a intro with us. We left to have a look at our office which was a 10-15mins walk from where we stayed. By evening Savitha joined us. And were told that Jyothi will be joining us too.

Our reporting was on 16th Oct, so had ample time to settle down. Went around the city exploring hotels and etc. By now, we had become a group of 7 that was Me, Preethi, Anjana, Jyothi, Savitha, Prashant and Muthu (these two guys are collegemates of anjana-jyothi duo). Ramya kinda kept a gap with all of us as she stayed with her relative in chembur till 16th. The same evening we had a gathering in Vasundara which was addressed by our training head Ashish Shaha.
First day in office, first person to meet was Sandeep whom I lately realised is a treasure of talents. Also an inspiration to me to write this blog, coz I am a big fan of his writtings. The day's programme was to sign a lot of documents, verification, creating bank account etc. We were divided into 7 batches and I joined the Batch-5. Before even joining SISL, I was told by one of my frens that a M Tech trainee from mysore will also be participating in the same training program. First time I heard his name n felt weird "Raja", just raja.... ??? So in my batch itself was this person too. This man later proved to be the best of my frens... But he always says he hated me the first time. ha ha ha. The day ended with nothing more than getting introduced to batchmates and idar-udar ki baatein... vagera vagera

Those 4 years.....

I always said that I hated Engineering. But no.... There is nothing your parents want you to become other than a Doc or an Engineer. Well no regrets yet... Hmmm found myself amongst those hundreds of to-be-engineers in a OK kinda college of mysore.
On the very first day I met my in-future-closest-friend Tripti. As days, semesters passed we bonded really close and we still are. Don't remember taking classes seriously nor the internals. First priopity alwys was Fun then came Fun n again Only Fun. You can imagine how good an enginner I was becoming. Its a different story that I managed a very good score throughtout. I myself wonder how????
The job market was pretty good when I was in 5th sem. Got into an MNC + one more offer of an indian comapny. Like any other typical indian crowd metality I thought the former to be better choice. Din't bother to reply to the latter's offer. Simply ignored.
The best thing to happen turns out to be my final semester project. A very interesting topic on Kannda Language. Ofcourse brought a lot of nightmares, sleepless nights when I deadlines came near and it looked as if we'll never succeed. This project was offered and guided by one of my best teachers' Mrs Ambika and DJ Ravi Sir. Ambika ma'am is not just a teacher for me but my mentor, guide, friend and like my mother too.

To Ma'am with Love,

Me and my family have no words to express our gratitude for all those wonderful things you have done for me. You have given all the love and compassion which I don't really know whether I deserve it or not. I remember every single advice you always gave me. You mean so much to me.

Thank you is too small.


Days in "SAD"Vidya College

After all the gala time I had in School, unlike others was never excited entering college. May be I still loved my Almamater so much. To add to my sick feeling I took a seat in SADvidya which dint allow me wear Jeans... huh. This brought a shock and beleive me I hated wearing salwar-kemeez at that time so naturally never had any with me. Followed by this DRESS CODE shock there came few more like the class hours from 12pm to 5pm, break only for 15mins, sunday was a working day with all 3 labs physics, biology and finally chemistry - from morning 7am to 5pm. Enough was enough....
I just hated these years of ma life. I was hardly happy about things happening around me. Both in college n at home. Second year grew with lot of running for tutions than actual studying. The end result was naturally disappointing, bad CET rank which could never fetch me a medico seat in any corner of the state so more than me, my folks were disappointed :(


Few lovely things still did happen, I developed interest in pencil sketches ( so now you got the other reason for my marks going down) and I started loving PHYSICS. Here I must thank my tutor Kanthraj Sir for the whole credit goes to him.

To Sir with Love,

Yours was the only class I felt unhappy when got cancelled, that has never happened in ma life except for your case. Many things that I learnt from you are still with me, making me a better person everyday. When it is time to remember all our teachers, you top the list. I feel your not just teaching physics but "life" to your students. You'll go long way.

Best Regards,

Tuning to 90's

Every one under the sun cherish his/her childhood the most. I'm no different, had the best childhood spent in my home town Mysore. It brings a smile on my face and a sense of acheivement when I am writting about me being a kid. Mum always said that I hardly smiled at any body, always around her still an very arrogant, straight forward, extrovert .... and today I can say that i'm on the opposite sphere :)
Like any other Arien, a born leader. Hated bosses. Never surrendered to situations or people if I felt I was right. I lead people, teams, class and all that. One funny story about me leading a KABBADI team. Don't be surprised my blog will have lotsa such stories *** Once upon time kinds*** We were in class 6 and few girls including me were representing our school in Zonal level kabbadi competition held in nyanaganga school(my neighbouring school). My physical trainer must have been nuts so he decides that I will captain the team which has all tiny sleek gals except 1(which is not me, coz i m unimaginably thin). The very first team with which we are competing turns out to be future-winning team and each one lookz no less to bean bag. So no filmy stuff happens here and we obviously lost the match and happily when home. Happy.. firstly coz we were free to go home, secondly we felt we saved our lives from those bean bags.... ;)
Later on, I choose to become a NCC Cadet. probably the best part of school days. Went on to attend two camps first being National Integration Camp(NIC), Pandavapura the next one was a Combined Annual Training Camp(CATC), Mysore. Brought credits to school and my team ofcourse to myself. I realised that i'm a good shooter only here, hitting a ten on ten to the target. Sounds so childish ...y not after all i'm writting about my childhood days ha.

Define Life As.... In my terms so far ....

As the title goes, I tried "defining life as ..... " every time I faced different situations in life. Could be happy days or those which made me feel down. Some of 'em goes tis way

Life is a journey (tops coz I love travelling, and I can compare it to a wholesome life)

Life is a Game (I love challenges, thy thrill me)

Life is a Merry, joy, fun . . . (when playing with tommy)

Life is to live happily (realised only when I was unhappy)

Life is beautiful (this I say facing a blue sea or on top of a hill)

Life is silence (hmmm very few moments in ma life, i m hardly this way)

And the longer definitions like,

Life is a drama coz it forces you to pretend either to be happy or to be sad even if you not feeling like any of 'em.

Life often takes U-turns only to remind you that our plans are a waste of time and nothing can change his plans (when I say "his" I dont mean god but a supernatural power)

Life is a change and Change is the only thing which never change(this probably ever one agrees)

And at the end, I realized that Life is not to be defined but to lived the way it comes to youAs the title goes, I tried "defining life as ..... " every time I faced different situations in life. Could be happy days or those which made me feel down. Some of 'em goes tis way

Life is a journey (tops coz I love travelling, and I can compare it to a wholesome life)

Life is a Game (I love challenges, thy thrill me)

Life is a Merry, joy, fun . . . (when playing with tommy)

Life is to live happily (realised only when I was unhappy)

Life is beautiful (this I say facing a blue sea or on top of a hill)

Life is silence (hmmm very few moments in ma life, i m hardly this way)

And the longer definitions like,

Life is a drama coz it forces you to pretend either to be happy or to be sad even if you not feeling like any of 'em.

Life often takes U-turns only to remind you that our plans are a waste of time and nothing can change his plans (when I say "his" I dont mean god but a supernatural power)

Life is a change and Change is the only thing which never change(this probably ever one agrees)
Life has not meaning but gives us an opportunity to give it a meaning.

And at the end, I realized that Life is not to be defined but to lived the way it comes to you