Thursday, December 2, 2010

Those 4 years.....

I always said that I hated Engineering. But no.... There is nothing your parents want you to become other than a Doc or an Engineer. Well no regrets yet... Hmmm found myself amongst those hundreds of to-be-engineers in a OK kinda college of mysore.
On the very first day I met my in-future-closest-friend Tripti. As days, semesters passed we bonded really close and we still are. Don't remember taking classes seriously nor the internals. First priopity alwys was Fun then came Fun n again Only Fun. You can imagine how good an enginner I was becoming. Its a different story that I managed a very good score throughtout. I myself wonder how????
The job market was pretty good when I was in 5th sem. Got into an MNC + one more offer of an indian comapny. Like any other typical indian crowd metality I thought the former to be better choice. Din't bother to reply to the latter's offer. Simply ignored.
The best thing to happen turns out to be my final semester project. A very interesting topic on Kannda Language. Ofcourse brought a lot of nightmares, sleepless nights when I deadlines came near and it looked as if we'll never succeed. This project was offered and guided by one of my best teachers' Mrs Ambika and DJ Ravi Sir. Ambika ma'am is not just a teacher for me but my mentor, guide, friend and like my mother too.

To Ma'am with Love,

Me and my family have no words to express our gratitude for all those wonderful things you have done for me. You have given all the love and compassion which I don't really know whether I deserve it or not. I remember every single advice you always gave me. You mean so much to me.

Thank you is too small.


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