Saturday, May 20, 2017

Road trip in North Island - Day 7

When going gets harder, take a break, not quit. 

29 December 2016

I reached Manganui before 10 am to climb the famous Mt Manganui. It was a brilliant day with so many people climbing up to get the best view of the city from the summit. Finding a carpark closer to the walk was next to impossible. I finally managed to find one almost 2 kms away from the start of the walk.

View from Mount Manganui

The city was crowded and so much happening. It was buzzing all the way up to the mountain. It was indeed a breathtaking view from the summit, which was not more than an hour's walk. It was challenging too at the near end but the view of the sea and the city keeps you going.

It was already lunch time when I got back to my car. I was craving for Potato wedges, Pita pit was outside the city of Manganui. I was determined not to settle for anything less that avro. By the time I reached and filled my appetite with potatoes, I realised that I was already on the way to Rotorua. 

Lake Okere

The drive on motorway gets boring, following line of cars and trucks, speed limit and lanes. But this wasn't a long one to reach Rotorua. And it got better as I got closer to the sulphur city. The sulphur in the air is so apparent, that you won't miss it. I stopped at Okere falls, least expecting to see a splendid falls hiding in this forest. A good couple of hours walk along the river was so satisfying. 

I din't want to raft, why? well, I wasn't prepared for one. I wonder, what do I mean by that. Lets be honest, I dint gather myself to just say yes and do it. 

I drove towards Blue, Green and Tarawera lakes from here. These lakes are known to be formed approximately 13,000 years ago. It showered lightly when I reached Blue lake, filling the sky with white clouds, the color of the water reflecting the same. I got back to the car and drove further till I the end of the road at Tarawera lake. And not finding the way to reach the Lake Tarawera campsite, I decided to check out Late Okareka campsite. 

Cloudy Lake Tarawera

The campsite was stunning. Without a second thought, I got my tent out and pitched right in front of the lake. I had run out of the my water supply, so had to drive into the city which was, to my surprise, just 10 mins ride from the campsite. I was like, WOW, I love Rotorua. I might consider moving there in future :) And this time, when I was driving along Blue lake, the sight had changed completely. The clouds had cleared out, gorgeous blue sky, white sand on the bank and the turquoise blue water. It just felt so right about everything, give it some time and the clouds shall pass. Something inside resonated, "This shall pass too" 

Blue Lake

Back at the campsite, when I had finished cooking some dinner, I sat in front of the lake, the ducks swam closer to the camp, the sunset changed the colors of the sky every second, the water reflecting the colors through some ripples. I was a moment of bliss to become part of the nature. It is hard not to feel that bliss when you are in amidst that quietness and serenity. It just happened very naturally and effortlessly. There wasn't any I left to explain that experience. 

Lake Okareka campsite

If there is one moment that has stayed with me even after 5 months of that trip, it is this. I am sure it will, for the rest of my life. 

The power of that moment is so strong that it sends me positive energy even today, and I'm sure, the power will not fade with time. 

I live for those moments. I re-live them through memories, impressions, this blog. 

At this moment, I was complete and content. I felt, the whole purpose of coming on a solo journey called life was fulfilled. 

That's put-your-feet-up-and-relax me


I slept peacefully until I was forced to wake up to the slow moans from the tent beside. The act had just started. I put on my ear plugs and went back to sleep.