Friday, August 14, 2015

Motutapu Island

22 Nov 2014

Summer was in full swing and so was our spirit. I joined Mamtha and group on their monthly walk. The plan was to do a walk in Motutapu Island which is 30 minute ferry ride from the downtown. It was a perfect sunny day with clear blue sky. 

Motutapu Island is an old landmass dating back to the Jurassic age. While contrastingly, the adjacent island Rangitoto is the most recently formed island and just about 700 years old. Because of its strategic position in the Pacific Ocean, Motutapu had military settlements. Gun emplacements and Gun pit remains are a proof for early settlers on this Island.

We reached quite leisurely and walked further north east towards Billy Goat point. Enroute we visited Station Bay and Waikalabubu Bay. We stopped for lunch after reaching the Billy Goat point. The view of Sandy Bay followed by Administration Bay while returning to Home Bay was breathtaking.

Typical of a summer day is the perfect sky. The cloud formations in the sky was a treat to watch. The boats rocking with the water moments close to the Bay makes you dream of one such holiday.

We reached Home Bay quite early and it was coffee time. Some of us enjoyed a siesta while few others climbed up the tree and took a monkey nap. The beach was so close to your sight and difficult to resist. I enjoyed a walk in the beach bare foot giving a natural pampering to the feet after a good walk.

We took the last ferry back to the downtown.