Sunday, February 5, 2017

Road trip in North Island - Day 3

25 December 2016

When I started this trip, I wanted to travel as much and see as many places, that was one of the reasons I chose to drive rather than taking bus. I'm glad that it dint quite work that way though. I realised early into the trip that the most fulfilling way to travel would be to slow down and make the most out of every moment, which I would have missed if I kept travelling from one city to another.

Tall trees in a row on which countless birds nested
Like any other day, I woke up early, did yoga, had my breakfast, packed all my stuff into the car and waited for the camp in charge to arrive. I roughly remember her mentioning that she would come in the morning. I had kept myself ready to leave as soon as she arrives. I just hung around, read my books, checking for any cars coming into the camp. The mind complained, why did I not carry the cash, why did I spend the cash to hire the sand board instead of paying by card there. As these conversations went on in repeat mode, I saw a couple meditating near the river. I parked the car under the shade and sat down for a short meditation and when I opened my eyes, I actually saw things around me, I noticed the river flowing, the tall trees and heard the birds chirpping, felt the breeze. I was in the moment finally.

Yesterday nights dinner, super yummy tomato gojju

This camp had pretty basic facilities, the water had to be boiled before drinking and there was a cold shower. Now I was tempted to take a shower so ventured in with my clothes and toileteries. When I was ready to go stand under the shower, I realised that the door latch was not working, every time there was a strong wind the door would open wide and a gust of cold air blew in. It was away from our tents so it dint bother me leaving the door open but the wind was real chill and a cold shower on top of that wouldn't feel good. So I ended up taking bath the funniest way. One limb holding the door, reaching out to the shower and other limbs taking turn to hold the door. Ha ha, but I felt fresh at the end of it.

White sand path to the beach
It was close to lunch time and taking the luxury of time I had today, I decided to make Kichdi with ghee. It was a super hot day, the sun was blazing hot right on top of my head. I enjoyed cooking my meals with that small stove, the pressure cooker was much bigger than the stove itself.

When the mind had finally stopped asking what next, it become apparent that I was to stay here for one more night. Its hard, its hard to convince the mind to let go of its plan and just be. But thats the whole point of travelling, to realise that it is not always going to be how you wanted it and letting the nature take over. I felt at peace and enjoyed a hot serving of kichdi. Without second thoughts, I pitched my tent again and took a much needed nap. My back was craving for some rest.

That yummy kichdi, I posted on my instagram @sanamysore
Later in the evening, I had an interesting conversation with the couple whom I saw earlier this morning. They shared their travel stories, they were sort of hippies, visiting various yoga festivals across New Zealand. I asked this guy how long they gonna be travelling for which the answer came, as long they have money. Wow! The lustful love to wander kicked in as soon I saw their small campervan, filled with so much character. When I shared my travel plan, they suggested me to visit Keri Keri falls, where one could actually go behind the waterfalls. I was thrilled.

Mirror shot at the beach
I took a walk to the beach which was 5 mins from the camp site. It was white sand beach, waves gently washing the shore with small and coloful shells. It was beautiful watching the waves and I could spend hours sitting there on the sand playing with the sand. It felt so surreal, as I kept reminding myself that it is indeed a reality.

I couldn't do justice to this sight, it was actually so much more beautiful
When I returned to the camp, I realised the birds had already called it a day, back home, no one is singing/chirping except few attention seekers in the group. And I wondered how birds tune themselves with the nature so naturally. They raise early in the morning, set off finding food, procreating, nesting and when it is dusk they all fly back to their nests. Who teaches them, their constant chirping, is that how they communicate, so many such questions to ponder on. Only to make you wonder how beautiful the nature is designed. Do we have any time for this these days, I wonder. Isn't it a lesson we all need to learn from birds, to sync our life with nature. This reminded me what my naturopath told me few months ago, probably this is what she meant when she explained, how a body responds to a good sleep. Made so much sense and at the same time I laughed at our stupidity, for ignoring these lessons the nature is trying to teach us every day.

The camp in charge lady turned up finally in the evening, to say, if I could withdraw some money at the nearest ATM and drop the money with someone at the same stores which had the money wending machine. She said she could collect it from them. It was 13 kms south, on my way towards Paihia. I said thanks for making me stay in for another day and she laughed with me.

Me monkeying inside my tent
The left over kichdi was sufficient for my dinner. I got into my tent early, with my books. I enjoyed reading the books as much as I enjoyed visiting places. I longed for this time of the day, so that I could read. I would read a chapter, munch on them for minutes and end up in tears of gratitude.  Strangely, I used to be in tears every night, filling myself with such gratefulness and love. Everything out there in the nature is there to fill you with joy, if only we have it in us to notice and appreciate it. I had heard of stories of people healing from nature, it makes so much sense.  

I had developed cramps by the end of day, again it was best to take it easy today. Nature knows it all, leave it all to that super intelligence. I felt so secure in its lap that I dropped all my worries, plans and surrendered to sleep.