Friday, December 2, 2011

St Mary's Island

Second day was so lazy that i feel lazy to even write about it. I fought to sleep for some more time. Few were already in the udupi Sri Krishna temple. Around 9 the lazy bunch lined up for the darshan in the temple. There wasn't much of crowd. I like this temple. It's as  beautiful as the very god for which it stands for. Its even more treatful to watch it once the evening lamps are lite around the temple. Blissful to embrace & experience such atmosphere. We had breakfast in one of the hotels inside the temple complex. We packed chapathi for lunch. Back in room, others were ready for the next place but we the lazy bunch of 6 were still enjoy the nap. Some got their head massaged while others proved good massagers.  We soon realised that we need to hurry. Postponed the rest of the massaging plans  to later point of time we started to St Mary 's island. 

 My second visit to this beautiful piece of land. A perfect mixture of colors like sea blue, green , golden sand and clear blue sky. Sea pleases you by her various colors. Pillar like rocks are spread throughout the island. Mostly rocks are shaped hexagonal giving a feeling of being attended. UnLike all other beaches i cdnt stop myself from getting into water here. As always tried playing safe without going deep. But thanks to frens for they gave me confidence to put my ears inside the water and tred their best to make me float. Drank enough of sea salt... Yak !!! Comes like a shock when you gallop salt water at once. Your eyes burn. After several rounds of trying to balance my body floating i finally could do it. We all tried going inside the water holding breath and see the life inside water. The silence you hear inside water forced me update my gtalk status as "listen to the sound of silence". I read couple of interesting comments on it too... Loosing your self  for this new world where there was endless calm and cuddling waves.... No fool who love to grow up and head back to reality of noise. I was the last person to get out of water. This experience helped me make my decision to learn swimming more stronger. Yes this summer!!! We went around the island for the rest of the time we had before catching the last ferry back to main land. Pics taken here are great. Few among us were just physically back. All eyes gazed at the horizon, drenched in the colors of setting sun. One has to blessed to watch a sight like this while sailing. Sailing for days in an endless sea, dive to explore the jewels underwater... When when???? Now that i licked to like its taste, when will i fill my hunger for adventure. 

Sun set at malpe beach which was crowded like a hell . Fish served hot and icecreams to titiliate your taste buds. Drove back to hotel, checked out from our rooms. Delicious Dinner in karavali. We got back to our seats n slept. Cramping bodies in the morning had to be forced to get back in action at majestic. I reached home by 6:30... After a hot water bath and lil massaging, mind started recollecting thoughts of office & work.