Sunday, July 23, 2017

Road trip in North Island - Day 8

30 December 2016

It was one of the most beautiful mornings. The ducks grazing around the tents, sun was already out. The warm water in the lake was very inviting and I enjoyed a good swim to start the day.

Morning scenes at the campsite

There is so much to see and do in Rotorua and also the campsite was so beautiful that I decided to stay in for another day. After having a good breakfast, I headed to the Rotorua i-site to find a walk around the redwoods. There are plenty of walks around redwoods, I chose to do a walk for couple of hours. It was a very sunny and hot day. The walk was in the woods and was cool in most parts.

Thermal pools

A walk in Redwoods is a must when you are in Rotorua.

The healers standing tall for hundreds of years

The nature is such a healer. This walk helped me heal wounds which were digging a grave in my body and mind for a long time and like a swing of magic wand, the walk in the woods made me heal everything. I will probably never forget that moment.

I was so grateful when I returned to my car for my lunch. The walk was tiring and I took a nap in my car parked in the shade of those trees. I slept like a baby honestly.

I decided on the fly to take a ride in the Rotorua Gondola. It was a perfect day to take a bird view of this beautiful city filled with lakes.

View from Gondola ride

I returned early to my campsite and made an amazing dinner. I felt so light by the time I went to sleep.

Relaxing the feet after a long day

I was experiencing what I ONLY read in books and heard from others about the healing power of nature. This was just the beginning.

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