Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Road trip in North Island - Day 10

1 January 2017

Taupo was busy. 

I was in Turangi before 10 am. I was intending to do the Tongariro Alpine crossing the next day and Turangi is an ideal stay option. The start of the walk is less than 20 kms from here. I checked into a vintage-looking, characteristic backpacker lodge. 

At the backpackers
There were already a bunch of people who were also planning the walk next morning. However the weather wasn't very great and Tongariro is not a place to risk. The weather on mountains can change any moment and on a cloudy day, its no joke. I wasn't very happy about it but it is how it is. 

Walk along Tongariro river 
Ian, the host suggested to go see around other places and return in two days as there was a small window of weather getting clear. He drew out a plan for me to drive East coast to Napier. The moment he said Napier, it rang a bell. Though it din't sound convincing that I had to return to Turangi again in two days, the plan to visit Napier stuck with me.

Walk along Tongariro river 
We sat down and listed out the places I could check out on the East coast. Sounded exciting!!

I made some nachos for lunch and enjoyed the warm couch, large maps, birds chirping in the lounge, Candy (Yes!!! Candy it is, again), their pet dog lazing around. It was a perfect place to just stay in and read books all day. 

Walk along Tongariro river 
Later in the evening, I and another lady from America, travelling here for a month, did a walk along the Tongariro river. She talked about her Son and his girl friend as we walked. She was completely surprised to know that I was an Indian and was still unmarried at 29. 

At night, there was so much buzz in the hostel that we all sat around watching a movie on the TV and went to sleep only by midnight. 

Walk along Tongariro river 

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