Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Biskeri Thatch

A beautiful camp site surrounded by Snow moutains. A small waterfall's melody on the adjacent mountain. A small stream of water ran near the tent. We reached here around 3:30pm. The tea and hot pakodas were already waiting for us on the serving table.

                                                         - Picture taken by Amit Mehta

I was with the last batch which reached the camp as my legs always give hand while climbing down. On reaching late, it is always easy to identify girls tents, look for chappals in red, yellow or with strawberries, flowers on them... :P that will for sure be our tent... Ha ha!!! Our tent faced the waterfall on the opposite mountain. It was an amazing view. It was still sunny at 4pm, we put our clothes for dry after a roll over in the snow for the whole day.

The group sat out for long time sipping in hot soup. Everybody very implicitly celebrating the day, the pride of conquering those tall mountains, the himalyan mountains. A joy we relished every moment being with the nature, being a part of her and in her. Once it got dark there were none outside. We collected our blankets and sleeping bags and packed ourselves inside the tents till the dinner was served. We were all too tired after long hours of trekking. We had our dinner early and said good night. I dint want to sleep so we decided to walk up the path were we got down and sit on those grass patches. But the rest of group were too tired to join me till there. We stood there for sometime and then forced ourselves to disperse to our respective tents.

 - Picture taken by Amit Mehta

The next day morning was again so very beautiful. The view mesmerized many of us and unlike other days, this day I saw lot many people sitting and watching the sunrise. What was so special in today's sunrise I never know, may be people felt that the sun was celebrating our successful completion of yesterday's trek in Sarpass and was congratulating us with his all the more bright rays. Yea I remember he was very bright this morning. I loved the way my day started.

After the usual routine of bed tea, submitting the blankets, breakfast, pack lunch and counting before starting the next day's trek, we started climbing down the hill. I loved today's journey even more as I decided to stay with my group, all these days I kept faster pace but since I knew my weakness I din't want to bother my knees much and so kept a slower pace. And it was truly a rewarding decision for it let me enjoy every color of nature with its leaves, fallen trees, shadow game the sun played with the trees and many many more such beautiful scenes.

By this time Suhas was totally in the world of photography. He dint spare even a single thing that came his way. He clicked and clicked and clicked till he felt it was a good shot. He would them come running to show them to us... :) 

 Manu had his own good time playing pranks and this time Adi had mild heart attack when he heard a big noise from no where and suddenly Manu jumps out of a tree trunk. Earlier Suma was a easy target who was almost in tears in spite of Dani being with her.

After a small rappelling down, we reached the lunch point next to a beautiful water fall. Adi and Raja were tempted to take a dip in it. They appoint Manu to keep a watch. Manu proved a good watchman (of course not by watching them but by taking few nice clicks  ..:P Now don't ask me how do I know that they were nice shots...ok  :P) Here at the lunch point, Suhas and Dani were in the kitchen preparing Omlette for themselves. We had tea which was'nt so good but we would just sip in anything hot in the name of tea. After filling our tummy, we were back on track.

There was a long way to walk to reach the last camp. 


  1. Don't stop writing Saana... as soon as i come from office the first thing i do is reading your blog so please continue....

    (I will talk to talk to Manu Now....)

    1. I would love to write Raja... Big thanks!!! And Manu ... Ha ha I could imagine.... :P

  2. By the way where is that snap? this page would have been really colorful if you would have uploaded that photograph. ;-) I have that snap so people who want that snap pls approach me:-P. Terms & conditions apply.