Friday, June 8, 2012

Kasol - "I am climbing..."

I could still hear Mithun Da making some announcements and I realised I need to get up and assemble for the PT. Pulling out of the sleeping bag was a big job in that cold mornings. We would jog from the camp to that ground close by and same set of 1 2 3 4 ... would start. I made a point to stand at a corner to somehow escape from the eyes of Sushmaji. 

It was SP5 group's turn to leave for the higher camp. we wished SP5 A Happy & Safe Trek as they walked the ramp. Today we would be doing Rock Climbing and Rappelling. We walked for while to reach the place for rappelling. Lakshman briefed about the rope, glove and other equipments used for rappelling. After watching him climb down, every one waited for their chance to get into the harness and started descending.

There was a long queue who wanted to give a try. While few of us took shelter in shade and surrendered to nap. When the queue reduced, we climbed up the rock from a side and started descending.

After this me and Dani took a short walk to where the stream was running. We came across this tree fallen across the stream. A fallen tree is always our fav place to sit and take pics. It dates back to my engineering days, we used to stop our vehicle every time we saw a fallen tree... sit on its trunk and take some crazy pics.   I went and sat on it watching the water flowing below it.

We came back to the same spot for rock climbing after having lunch at base camp. I had done artificial rock climbing in the past but this was a natural rock. So it excited me. Lakshman described about different climbing ways. I remember two ways of climbing one was classic and the other I dont recollect. He gave us a demo. Before one starts climbing, he has to tell "I am climbing" for which the person sitting above with rope controls replies with "Climb on". similarly if you fall off in between we had to say "I am falling" while falling. Now this was difficult. I would have fallen and then realise that I had to tell something.... They also showed pencil hold, and several others where you could keep your feet while climbing. 

After few guys went up I started climbing. It was challenging. You need good strength in your hands to pull your whole body on it. I enjoyed it as long as I did it myself. There was this last stretch where I struggled to pull myself and Parvinder Thakur helped me at the end to complete. Lakshman had mentioned that we need to climb this part a little  “PYAAR SE” (Wondering how much pyaar se… My pyaar was certainly not on that rock :P) people started calling me “Mountain Goat” after this climb. 

After completing the task I took a nap in the shade. Others also joined the group and from no where the idea of playing with 2-3 water bottles(throwing randomly at others) hoped in and we had a gala time throwing the bottles quickly at others before they were ready for it. I still remember what Adi did (He threw the bottle where nobody was standing and when he realized that he himself started running behind it.. Dude was it Altitude problem :P). Ha ha… Even today when I see the scratches on the water bottle, it brings a smile on my face.

Back in the camp, we enjoyed snacks and tea. Me and Raja sat near the steps for a long time waiting for our mobile and camera batteries to get charged. After a yummy dinner, we enjoyed another camp fire by SP7. Hot BournVita gave warmth for a good night sleep before we leave for higher camp the next day.


  1. This was really funny: ....Now this was difficult. I would have fallen and then realise that I had to tell something....