Sunday, June 10, 2012

Khordu Thatch

Next day trek was in dense forest. We packed our lunch and started our trek to Khordu thatch. Our guide was a local of Shilah village, he spoke all the way keeping us occupied. Our group leader used to be the last person walking. The trek was uphill today. We walked at our own paces, the fast ones used to be with the guide ahead, few would give a stop to click pictures in between and the slower ones at the end. Once in a while we stopped for the rest of the group to reach, take a count and start again. We stopped for lunch after a while. Hot tea, Maggie and Omlete was served. We would go sit next to the fire they had put to beat the cold. 

After trek for another hour and a half we reached the next camp, a warm welcome by the camp leader in Khordu thatch. He was assisted by two MBA students. The tents were put on slopes so sleeping directions changed with every camp depending on the way it was put. 

- One among the two MBA students assisting the camp leader.

We sat on a rock putting our clothes for dry. Soon after the dusk, it used to get colder. Later in the evening tea & peanuts was served for snacks. Hot Soups used to be every bodies fav. We helped ourselves with several rounds of soup along with chit-chat sitting behind the camp. Somewhere in between me and Manu mentioned about our releases scheduled back in ofc that day. We were scolded black and blue for that :P That was the last time the thought of ofc came to my mind. Everything was left far behind after I reached the next camps. Nights used to be extremely cold, we used to sleep very close to each other keeping all our bags at the sides to stop the wind entering the tents from the flapes. 

The next day morning, as usual routine of cleaning the tents was made a little fun. We were asked to decorate the tents and the cleanest tent was awarded. We gathered all fallen leaves and branches to make it look welcoming for the next batch. I am sure SP7 people were spooked to see a horn kept right in front of the tent. Ha Ha… Well it was’nt that bad either.

- Vidya writes a Welcome note for SP7. Nam too at work.

After bidding bye to those wonderful people in Khordu thatch we started trekking in same the dense forest. Within no time we reached the lunch point. Few of them dint want to stop for lunch hence continues further. We relaxed for while stretching in the sun, charging our batteries with solar chargers, tea, omlete  as always and the GUju gang sang songs. Few got down to catch better signals and made calls. Post lunch the weather changed and we wore our rain jackets.

                                                                                     - Anurag, he gave us the task to decorate the tent. Very nicely justified why he awarded the second tent and not the rest. Suma even today repeats few of his dialogues with actions. She seemed to be impressed.. :P

The rest of the day was very beautiful and one of my best experiences in the trek. Would like to write it in the next episode of Zirmi!!!


  1. Khordu was indeed a beautiful camp! :) .......... and now to ZIRMI!

  2. For that matter every camp site was soooo beautiful... My vocabulary is going blank looking for any superlatives to use ... to describe them!!!

  3. Well I am from SP-7 and we loved the decoration. A big thanks to u all :-) Although the message got washed away in rains :-P but still we were wondering about the decorations :-)

    1. Good to know you guys liked the decorations!!! I hope u enjoyed ur stay in khordu..

  4. And here we(SP-7) present you guys with the photo we took while you were on "Sar Pass".

    1. Ashoka, Thank you sharing the image!