Monday, June 11, 2012

Zirmi - Rain & snowfall composed on the same day!!!

We saw the ZIRMI camp banner and little distance from there it started raining. I stretched out my hands and I could feel small small pebbles of ice falling on my hands. It was blissful.

Zirmi - Meaning Mountain sheep; goat. I somehow liked the name and was waiting for this day. It was no disappointment. A Lovely campsite. We were very close to the snow. You would feel as if a lil more distance and there are, amidst snow.

The camp leader Vivek Khole was our campleader in Caranzol, goa trek as well. It was good to see him again. Even after reaching the camp it lightly drizzled but dint stop us from collecting the hot tea and aloo bonda. We could hear songs from one of the tents, few more joined them.

When the rain gave a break, we took a short walk to a near by hill and started our Music session. Lil later Pallav ji and the camp leader himself joined the show. Romantic numbers by ARR and Md Rafi were recollected. We were all lost in the wonderful blend of music and nature.

                                 - UT thank you for this pic... It brings back lotsa sweet memories!!!!

 Tu hi re... Tu hi re... perfectly set the mood and we all swayed with the tune. Started getting darker and colder, we dint want to disperse... even now while writing about it I feel I want to write more about this evening. It was an unforgettable evening for me! I seriously felt I should start my music classes again.

The camp leader reminded for an early dinner. And it was the best food ever had before. It tasted even more yummier may be because of the cold and other factors, but it was the best. I dint eat, I hogged. Once we were inside the tent after the dinner, it started to rain rats & cats. It rained the whole night. And since the tents were put on a slope, I was worried that the water would run into the tents & made sure I cover my camera with my rain coat. Fortunately we dint have anything like that in spite of the heavy rain. And I slept like a baby and this was the last day I slept so well in the rest of the trek.

                                 - Beautiful view of the Snow mountains. Picture taken by Utkarsh

Every morning, my day would start early, walk to an aloofed place, sit on a rock and wait for the sun to come up. The warmth you feel when the first few rays of sun kisses your skin is so good. I used to sit quiet but with hundred and one thoughts running in my mind. After a while I used to get some calm. It was difficult to get answers for certain subtle questions. But neither I stopped asking them. I used to struggle to come out of that rush of thoughts, the serenity of the nature around helped me enjoy both the noise inside and the peace outside my mind. I used to enjoy this part and hated when they called for breakfast. I refused to move from that place till I see others packing theirs bags and throw them out of the tents. I would then go fresh up, lazily do the packing and get ready for the count.

Hoping to meet Vivek Sir again in another trek with YHAI, we bid bye to him and to his wonderful kitchen staff. After a short distance from Zirmi, we saw small patches of snow dried up and hard. From there it we were walking on snow and as we reached the tea point, there was light snow fall and it became windy. We sheltered ourselves in those tents put up at the tea point. Tea and Maggi continued to do its magic.

There are certain things even the best writer fails to put in words, THE GREAT HIMALAYAS is one such place. I don’t even give a try, for how much ever I try to describe it, it is for sure an understatement. Also its nice to fantasy the mother nature, the way you want and wait for that day to experience it by yourself and for those who have experienced this, they know what I mean. This trek was giving me many first time experiences, snowfall was one among them. I was feeling like standing my arms stretched out feel the snow falling right on my face. We had seen right amount of everything throughout the trek so far. A lil rain and snowfall, like trailers… Poori picture was waiting for us the next few days at sarpass.


  1. Ah!! I would have missed something if I hadn't read this Sana :D Beautiful write-up!! That inside noise - outside peace thingy, yes, I know the feeling!

    I so wish I were a part of this day. Ho yea, I too fancy the name 'Zirmi' :P

    1. Thank you so much Shubha... We met a similar Shubha in Surpass too! :)

    2. Yea?! I so wish it was me :P
      Next time na yene helidroo saha sumne puleezz drag me and go for the trek!!

      Gaawwdd I missed sucha trek *Sigh*

  2. A Mountain Goat on Zirmi !

    Not everything can be vocalized and that is probably the way it will stay. Describing the beauty of nature with the use of words will always be a second hand experience! One must experience it personally to understand the deeper aspects of life and the quiet within.

    1. I completely agree with you amit :)