Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sarpass - Day 2 in Kasol

A hot tea at 5:30AM would kick start the day. By 6:00 we were all up & ready for a morning jog followed by exercises. Our rock climbing guides Lakshman, Thakur, Sushma and few others made us huff n puff early in the morning. They would make us stand in a big circle and call out 1 2 3 4 till 8 and then back to ... 3 2 1. I would have stopped somewhere at 4 and would enjoy watching others struggling to complete with the count. Sushma madam used to make a face and say "what is there to laugh come on do your excercises properly..." And I would still do the same.. :P Dani & Suhas made fun of my jogging. It seemed to them as if I was dancing like a duck. Dani immitates me jogging even today, Dani I know you are a great actor... Ha ha!! By the time we finish the warm up, we would sweat like pigs even in that cold weather. For tomorrow's session I knew where I need to stand. After the exercise we would walk back to the camp.

After having breakfast, SP4 was to leave for the higher camp. We lined up on both the sides of the ramp to wish them luck. Sathyanandan Sir was busy giving instructions to those people while the participants boasted their spirits by dancing together with their group, clicking pictures before leaving. And finally they waved at us through the ramp as we clapped the YHAI clap 1 2 123 1 2 123... till the last person left the camp.

For acclamatization walk, we packed our rucksack with blankets and water bottles and few people carried the whole stuff that they would carry to higher camp. It was like a morning walk in the woods. Mithun Da lead the team sorry.. it was few dogs leading us :P. We stopped at some place and sat in a group playing Anthakshari. Initially the group was a little hesitant but when Mithun Da took charge, every one joined humming the tunes.

 Few turned out to be real good singers. And when someone is singing good or there is a nice number the group is singing I just cant stop myself singing it. I easily get lost while singing few old numbers of Md Rafi, in general all old hindi songs. Patil Ji was sitting behind me all this time hinted that I should sing a song in the campfire. But I had no plans to pester these peace loving people by doing so esp when they have come all the way looking for some peaceful time. Ha Ha!!! This walk helped us to get acclamatise with the group more that with the weather.                      

Post lunch we had a orientation by the camp leader SanthyaNandan. He gave a big bhaashan in the noon.  The very thought of sitting and listening a lecture for such long time gives me a great pain. I hate to disappoint my eyes who'll be crying to close after a nice afternoon meal. We choose a group leader Sharmaji, deputy leader Urmil Patel and Meena, our environment leader. I made efforts not to doze off by playing with my water bottle, disturbing Suma and Suhas who were sitting next to me. And finally I was glad it got over.

                                                                   - Kasol market

Later in the evening we went out for shopping in the kasol market buying woolen gloves, torch and other stuff required. There were many shops lined up in the street close to our camp with colorful glowes, socks, sweeters displayed. One can pick up really nice woolen clothes for cheap prices.

We had an awesome campfire. SP6 had majority of them from Karnataka mostly living in Bangalore. A small group from Gujrath and Maharashtra. This time Patil Ji cheered the crowd by reciting funny poems in hindi. When I invited him to perform on the stage he reminded me that I have to sing a song after this. Not to disappoint him and many of my friends request I did sing two lines from my fav song "Yeh Saman Saman hey ye pyaar ka..." I sing bad but I honestly enjoy it. Not to miss Pallavji’s singing, Patel’s Basuri and Kannada songs by Suhas and “HIS BOYS”. We winded up the campfire by singing the National Anthem and lined up for the BournVita queue.

Even when it is time for lights off, Mithun Da would still go on n on making announcements or again running for something. I used to wonder when this guy managed to get some sleep... I guess he could be making announcement even in his dreams. "Last call to collect your pack lunch" "SP6 line up" "submit your blankets" "After lights off no one should be seen outside your tents" and the list goes on...


  1. A really detailed account. I'm waiting for the day when we started. Would love to hear what you saw ..... the way you saw it! :)